Sweet Home

Service for employees’ time tracking in US medical organizations

Sweet Home Healthcare is an agency providing services in the health system, in particular, the recruitment of medical personnel for people in need (hourly or round-the-clock care).

The agency was founded in 2012 to improve the quality of life for the sick and disabled in Pennsylvania. Today, Sweet Home Healthcare works with more than 2000 clients and care providers.

The agency works in more than 15 counties with offices in Philadelphia, Scranton, and Harrisburg.

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Goals and Objectives

  1. Digitization: switch to electronic timekeeping for medical staff and reduce the amount of accountants’ work.
  2. Create 4 user roles with different access rights.
  3. Provide the ability to receive prompt feedback from customers


Our solution is a system tracking the working hours of the medical staff and the types of services provided to the patient. The data are checked against a weekly plan and several parameters. They are systematized and analyzed.

Sweet Home: Time Sheet
Patient’s Time Sheet

Taking into account the business logic, access to the information is provided to both the medical organization and the patient’s insurance company. The time tracking system is available in the browser and mobile applications on iOS and Android devices.


The main challenge was the development of the business logic. Russian and American healthcare systems are different, and it was not easy to immerse oneself in the logic of these services provided in the USA.

The team did research and made a detailed description of the whole process of service provision and quality control. The system has 4 user roles with different access rights.


We have created both mobile and web versions of the app so that it can be easily worked with on smartphones, tables, and PC.

The developed system can be used for thorough control of the process of providing services to patients at all stages: from the quality assessment and compliance of the employee’s work to the weekly plan, to the collection of general information throughout the company.

All the data are imported into Google tables, where the data are analyzed by customers using different parameters.

In the application, the employees can use an electronic form to register the time spent by nurses or other medical staff on patient care. The form is then signed by the patients. The application sends these forms to the managers.

The administrative staff use the app to check if the forms are filled in correctly, export them to the summary table, assign medical staff to the patients, manage the staff and work with patients, export and print the completed forms and summary tables if necessary, etc.