StroyControl Software Platform

A cloud solution for quality control of construction works in progress and creating reports using mobile devices.

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Goals and Objectives

  1. Create a common digital space for the construction team.
  2. Provide access to information at any time and any place.
  3. Simplify and speed up document flow


We have developed a visualization system for CAD-drawings to accurately register issues and observations. The drawings are uploaded quickly and the user can attach additional information to any point.

In the documentation unit, the user can work with BIM, drawing in 9 formats: DWF, SVG, PDF, XPS, JPG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG.

The inspector registers the issue, sends it to the assignee, sets and monitors deadlines. The assignee is notified in real-time via Push-notifications and emails.

StroyControl: overview image

Digitalization of Work Documentation

  1. Create documentation templates: orders, acts, reports.
  2. Create necessary documents using data from the construction site with a single click.
  3. Find all orders and reports in one place, all documents are always at your fingertips.
  4. Search the database with up-to-date construction standards. They are uploaded automatically when the user is filling in the issue page.
StroyControl: overview image
StroyControl: overview image


To create a highly functional IT -ecosystem, we have integrated our solution with 1C, Pilot-Ice, MS Project Manager, Vault, BIM360 and others.

StroyControl simplifies the process of making management decisions, including those made on investment projects because all the data are visible and collected in one application. The application analytics tool provides over 15 standard charts and a customizable BI module.

StroyControl: overview image


At present StroyControl is used in 500+ projects all over Russia ( in 20 regions from Sakhalin to Kaliningrad) and in all construction spheres from residential construction to complex oil and gas projects.