Real-time diagnostics

Another collaboration with Mobisat company. This application also communicates with the Mobisat equipment. RemoteAssistant is the remote driver assistant, a software package for KIA Motors in Italy.

Remote Assistant: overview image

Goals and Objectives

  1. Increase customer loyalty, repeat purchases, and recommendations.
  2. Increase the number of calls to the service center due to reminders from the application.
  3. Increase the effectiveness of service centers.
  4. Develop software to inform the driver about the car’s state: kilometers covered, engine condition.
  5. Provide notification of possible malfunctions and service check reminders.
  6. Develop software to collect data for car service technicians.
  7. Create an intuitive design.
Remote Assistant: overview image


To create the software solution, we selected two groups of data:

  1. For drivers, the information is shown in the mobile application.
  2. For car dealers - in the web application.

The driver receives timely notifications about the necessity to service the car, change the oil, etc.

KIA service specialists can see the information required for primary diagnostics of each car on the computer.

Via the app, users can communicate with KIA technical support. So they can quickly obtain information in an emergency: to call a tow truck in case of an accident or serious damage to the vehicle, and even to find a stolen car.

Remote Assistant: overview image