Prosto: Meditation and Sleep

Irena Ponaroshku’s application. She has daily meditation practice and wants to help people to do it in the right way.

The application creator wants to make meditation clear and easy. Irena is sure that meditation helps one become more sincere with oneself, understand goals and priorities, get ready for changes and development.

The app author believes that the art of meditation should be available to everyone, regardless of their experience. So that even newcomers can gradually get involved and improve their new skills.

It can be easily done using the mobile app.

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  1. Meditation listening.
  2. Posting affirmations (pictures with inspiring text) on Instagram.
  3. Meditation reminder.
  4. Listening statistics.
  5. Progress tracking (days of continuous listening).
  6. Free access for a week.
  7. Subscription management in the account.
Prosto: overview image

How it Works

Just put on your headphones, press Play the Lesson, and follow the step-by-step audio instructions. After downloading the application, you get a 7-day free period. Over 60 lessons are grouped into courses.

  1. Basics - work with breathing and body.
  2. Sleep - practice easy rituals for a quiet resourceful sleep.
  3. Stress - get rid of tension in the body and consciousness.
  4. Work - improve concentration and productivity.
  5. Happiness - study the nature of inner happiness.
Prosto: overview image

Project Peculiarities

There were no major difficulties in the project development. The real challenges started after the release. Together with technical support, we had to get actively engaged in the process of teaching users: some of them did not know basic things, e.g. how to make a subscription.

Another challenge was related to the player used for listening to the content. The player’s quality was one of the main requirements.

The meditations are played online, and the app is to receive and process the audio stream in real-time to get good sound without any pauses. To do this, we changed the format from MP3 to HLS. In this case, the audio file is divided into small pieces that are easier to send and receive.

We fell in love with this application and it was very important to make it work right so that the customer and especially the users were satisfied. This is why we have always been in touch with technical support, provided consultations, analyzed every request, solved problems, and helped to communicate with users, although this was not a part of the project work. We also encountered users’ huge excitement at the release. For several days the application was the first in the top list of the most downloadable applications in the store. The audience grew enormously, and during the first day, 33,000 people became users of the application.

Customer Feedback

Dmitry Provotorov, product manager, customer representative

«Why did we choose Citronium? First of all, they were ready to develop using a modern technology stack - React Native, they had specialists in it. It was of high importance for us that the company and the developers were open to being interviewed. So we had the opportunity to choose team members for the project. Citronium provided us with everything so that we were able to make the decision in the shortest possible time.

What do I like about working with Citronium? It is the management’s openness to communication: we were constantly in touch, we never felt an information vacuum, we didn’t feel limitations to working hours. We have a global team and work from all over the world and at any time we kept in touch and promptly got feedback.

How did the Citronium team work? We performed a code review, we watched the service at the start, we tested the chosen architecture, and everything went perfectly well. For us, the main KPI was a flawless launch. It was important for us that users should not face any technical problems at the start when due to the visitors inflow the servers might be overloaded or fall off, or services might not work. And everything went perfectly well. During the testing stage, we chose the right architecture, the right partners to place our software with, the right service to be responsible for sending texts, and we also used several services to be on the safe side. All was done quickly and conveniently.

And now, after the application launch, we enjoy Citronium’s excellent support, prompt reaction and feel technically safe. We understand that we work with experts.

For us, the most important thing is the technical stability and functioning of the developed solution. From this point of view, Citronium does a great job. Our main victory is that at the start, when thousands of users registered during the first few days, and thousands of users began to meditate with us, each of them received excellent service and did not face any problems. This is our greatest victory. I recommend Citronium to everybody.»