Mobisat Greenbox

MOBISAT company has developed a geolocation device that helps determine the location of the vehicle and transmit all the key transport indicators.

Our task was to develop the software for this device.

Mobisat Greenbox: overview image


  1. Develop an application with a functional design.
  2. Ensure high security of the customers’ personal data.
  3. Implement the feature of using multiple devices by one user.
  4. Provide users the information on technical characteristics and driving style.
Mobisat Greenbox: overview image


  1. Find My Transport feature.
  2. Tracking of cars, watercraft, etc.
  3. OSM integration (OpenStreetMaps).
  4. Remote tracking of one or more objects.
  5. Trip history (time when the trip begins and when stops).
  6. Generating and viewing reports and trip history.
Mobisat Greenbox: overview image

How it Works

Parental control: speed warning, when the traffic rules are violated or manually set speed limit is exceeded, and notifications on dangerous driving - sudden acceleration, braking, turns, etc.

Mobisat Greenbox: overview image

Virtual vehicle dashboard: shows the dashboard of the car - speed, engine rpm, fuel, diagnostic error status codes, throttle pressure, and so on.

Remote diagnostics: information about errors in the vehicle’s operation.

Advanced reporting: it creates detailed reports on the vehicle’s performance - mileage reports, detailed analysis of each trip, travel time, fuel consumption, and so on.

Alarm management: the app can alert in case of danger by sending notifications to the smartphone. Notifications are customizable.

Two mapping services are available to choose from: Google Maps and Open Street Maps.

Mobisat Greenbox: overview image


Our solution was the key to the scaling of the customer’s business, aimed at managing several hundreds of devices.

Now using the software created by Citronium, the customer is actively developing his business and works with five big car and motorcycle brands.