Project Management Information System

Visualization of all the information on the projects to make managerial decisions

A large company came to us with a project that they had not been able to implement for several years. Before they had worked with several contractors but it had never been fruitful. All ready-made solutions for management automating were not suitable, since each company has its individual workflow.

The structure, the accounting system, the sphere they work in, and even the country they are located in - we studied all of this, registered all the business processes, interviewed stakeholders, and offered our design and technical solution.


Goals and Objectives

  1. Develop a system to manage 30+ projects within the company.
  2. Make a clear and functional project schedule with a timeline.
  3. Make it easy for employees to set and execute tasks, and add information and documents to their projects.
  4. Provide functionality to collect all data in one place in real-time. Company executives need to make investment decisions on projects quickly. To do this, they need access to all the information.


SaaS Model

The SaaS model is a visual diagram of all the projects. For each of them, one can see the planned and actual deadlines. The user can get more details on each project by “falling” into it.

The project implementation schedule is shown as an improved Gantt chart. When hovering the cursor, the user can see the existing tasks, planned and problem tasks are highlighted in color.

Viewing the links between tasks

Document Management

Inside each project the user can find all the necessary information: files, contracts, tasks, offers, images, and links. The manager sees the names of the documents and their dates of creation. Documents are imported from DocsVision, and can be filtered. Also, each project has a kind of “shared file storage”, where one can create folders and share information.

Viewing files and folders

There the user can also see all the technical and economic indicators - the key parameters defined at the start of the project. There is a comparison of planned and actual numbers.

Change History

We’ve created a “news feed” that shows the change history. The user sees which of the teammates and when made any actions. Everything looks as clear as possible. Filtering is available.

News Feed

Management Tool

The developed system can also be used as a management tool. It is possible to create tasks for oneself, and to assign them. Each user can view their tasks for the week (for all projects) and change their status - in progress, completed, etc. There is a search by tasks, filtering by priority, task owner, and task name.

Viewing Tasks

Development Timeline


Additional Features

Project Contact Book

Provides the contact information on all the employees and contractors in the project.

Contact Book


Customizable notifications on new, completed, and overdue tasks.

Side Menu with Notifications

Camera Data

Real-time visibility of the progress on construction sites and projects using the data from the cameras.

Camera Data

Reports on Contracts and Projects

Creation of reports by dates, deadlines, etc. The data are integrated from Power BI, Superset.

Report on Contracts