Dr. Julian

Telemedicine technologies in psychology and psychiatry.

It was the idea of British practicing psychiatrist Dr. Julian Nesbitt. The project’s goal is to make the highly-demanded services of psychologists and psychiatrists more accessible.

Dr. Julian: overview image

Goals and objectives

  1. Get the patient diagnosed.
  2. Obtain recommendations and prescriptions based on responses.
  3. Get information about the doctor and select a doctor by parameters.
  4. Make an appointment within the application.
  5. Make visits to doctors via in-app video calls.
  6. In-app payment for consultations using Stripe and Apple pay.
  7. For doctors: electronic medical history, doctors’ specifying available time in the schedule, data encryption including video calls.


Given the sensitivity of the topic, a most important issue was the confidentiality of user data. We used cryptographic protection to ensure security.

Many innovations were implemented in the video call feature.

Careful study of this functionality allowed us to provide fast and smooth video communication between patients and doctors.

How it Works

After downloading the app, the user is first tested for their anxiety level and the presence of depression. If the patient needs an urgent consultation, the app prompts to immediately contact a hotline specialist.

Based on the answers to the diagnostic test, the user sees counseling psychologists in the app.

The client can choose a convenient time for the consultation and receive notifications reminding them of the upcoming call.

The user pays for the services of psychologists and psychiatrists within the application.

User Account

When searching for a doctor, the patient can filter specialists by their specialization, type of therapy, the language of communication, communication mode, and availability. They can also search for a particular doctor by last name and first name.

If the client has doubts about the choice of a specialist, he can ask the doctor a question in advance by sending a personal message. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment received, the user is offered to retake the diagnosis test from time to time.

Specialist’s Account and Administrator Panel

After registering, the psychologist indicates the convenient appointment hours in the app and can view a list of patients who have made an appointment in the calendar along with brief information.

After the video call, the therapist makes prescriptions for the patient in the app and leaves notes for further review of the patient’s medical history.

All transactions and schedules of appointments made and held for the day, week, month, and year are available in the account.

There is a special closed system to administer the application: to manage accounts, and view statistics on payments and application usage.