We have created a web platform for management, financial control, project organizing, and project management.

The system is based on the PRINCE2 methodology, approved by the UK government as a standard for social project management.

Our customer provides services to medical centers, and insurance companies mainly from Britain and the Arab Emirates.

When she addressed CItronium, she had her own system but it worked incorrectly. It was the system architecture that spoiled the application’s convenience.

Aspyre overview image

Goals and Objectives

  1. Update the design.
  2. Configure the system.
  3. Speed up data processing.
  4. Preserve the system’s ability to work with 40 old large databases - it was a challenge, as it was impossible to transfer the data because of the architecture changes.


We analyzed the existing system and concluded its support was more expensive than the development of a new one.

We offered to develop a new modern product. As for the previous databases, our solution was to pull information from the previous system to the new one. We redesigned the product splitting features into separate modules.

How it works

Multifunctional web platform helps manage the organization, and solve many issues from procurement to financial performance analysis.

The system helps plan the necessary customer flow, draw up a budget, and so on. It is a kind of flexibly adjustable construction set that pulls the data from multiple databases.

Aspyre overview image


Aspyre has several user roles: performer, administrator, and super administrator.

Each company can easily customize the product - change the names of tabs, and fields and use them for any type of data.

Aspyre overview image


The Aspyre platform has a management system based on PRINCE2 methodology, approved by the UK government as the standard for project management in the social sphere.

Users have the following features:

  1. Project management, YouTrack support.
  2. Breakdown of tasks into milestones.
  3. Visual representation of work deadlines and task performance.
  4. Scheduling and appointing meetings in Google Calendar.
  5. Time tracking.
  6. Task assignment, notifications.
  7. Risk control, risk assessment.
  8. Creating a draft project for the team.
  9. Creating a program of projects for the year ahead.
  10. A large module with the following data was developed for the financial part:
    • Over 10 types of reports.
    • Financial management - expenses/revenues.
    • Performance indices.
    • KPI setting and tracking.
    • Resource planning and tracking.
Aspyre overview image

Special attention was paid to the speed of the system because there were a lot of data flows and they had to be processed quickly.

We divided and segmented the program into small modules for the processing to be done in parts, not all at once. This allowed us to increase the speed of the program by three times, compared with the previous version.

In fact, our development helped save the client’s business. The system was not working properly when Citronium was contacted and the customers started to leave. There was a risk of losing the entire base. We made a new effective product, and the customer base grew.