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Learning management system 
for the network of learning centers with an educational game application for children.

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Customer info

Seven Kids is a Child Development Center. There are four study programs for children. One of them is mental arithmetic for harmonious development of mental and creative abilities of children and adolescents 
via arithmetic calculations on an abacus. There is also a spelling study program, a memory course , a speed reading course and preschool training.


Where did it start? The customer needed a platform 
for teaching children mental arithmetic and managing schools and staff.
The first thing the customer wanted was a gaming application with a bright interface and interesting gameplay for children from 3 years old.

A must in the application was a positive game character, cheerful, friendly, kind, brave,adventurous, who could be a friend to every child. So in the app 
there appeared a boy called Seven.
Later Ruby the robot joined Seven, and they became best friends. This was further development of the app. In addition to the Island level, another one was added, the Space level. After it the users can get to the most advanced level called the Planet.

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Key features

  • - e-learning
  • - Learning Management System
  • - Product for children
  • - Gamification
  • - Speech synthesis
  • - SMS-authentication


Hybrid application: iOS, Android, Web

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School management system 
and developmental game application

Seven Kids solution includes an administrator web application and a mobile app for students. In the admin panel, you can interact with the project partners and manage staff.
One of the app aims is to practice and develop children's mental arithmetic skills in a game staying at home. The hybrid mobile application for iOS and Android helps children do their homework. Player statistics 
are collected by several parameters, such as game time, game currency and others. Teachers have access 
to the data via the web application.


The app is designed so that users get to the island. 
And there, as in our real life, seasons go one after another. As a result the interface design changes respectively.
Friendly characters make the visual part more vivid. Seven, the boy, and his friend Ruby the robot 
are designed so that children of different ages like them. They were created in accordance with the pedagogy cannons: the education game character 
is someone who users associate themselves with. 
A child puts himself in the hero’s place , or takes him 
as a friend he/she wants to be like.

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The team had to immerse themselves in the project. In order to understand the logic of the application 
for mental arithmetic, the Citronium guys had to learn how to count on abacus.


Dmitry Dobrenko,
project manager

«The main difficulty was synchronization of the app complex algorithms with the system of mental arithmetic used in the education system. 
It is one thing to teach a person how to count using the mental arithmetic method, and quite another thing is to teach an application how to teach a person to count using the mental arithmetic method».

There are several levels of sums in the project and on each level there are certain conditions 
for adding, subtracting and other mathematical operations. The developers had to write numerous additional conditions to make the algorithms work properly.


Sound recording

Another interesting task was sound recording. Adding a realistic voice into the application was not easy at all. The Russian language is very complicated with numerous grammar forms of parts of speech 
and many exceptions. Due to the mobile stress in the numeral derivatives, automatically digitized words were not good enough. Initially the OS voice processor was used, but it sounded too robotic 
and metallic. With the help of a professional announcer we literally taught the application to speak Russian correctly.


Later six more game modes were implemented. They are aimed at developing children’s concentration 
and memory: «Do the sum», «Remember in the right order», «Read the text», «Find the zo-zo», «Make the word», «Find the item», made the game process more diverse.


We are proud

Our solution helped to create and develop a franchise in the rapidly growing service market. This product was one of the first in its field.



Elena Rogacheva
Founder of Seven Kids, Master of ART, Manchester University, UK.

«We started working with Citronium in spring 2017. Our task was to create an online program for all devices. And the Citronium team coped with it in a truly professional way.
I would like to thank them very much. They dealt the project in a really creative way: each time we received a lot of different variants of solving the task. Now we are ready to work with this company on a regular basis. Thank you for your professionalism!»