App «Sber QR» – geolocation game in analogy with Ingress and Pokemon Go. It helps interact with real companies on the map: buy, lease, sell companies.

Application screens Application screens

To make non-cash payments more popular.


Using the game, teach people how to make payments with QR-codes.

map icon

View the list of all Sberbank partner companies on the map

buildings icon

View the partner company info 
if the user is near it

money icon

Lease a part of a company, buy shares 
for a specific time

Additional features
  • - renew the lease
  • - sell the shares
  • - get the dividends from the leased company shares
  • - the more players buy one company, the higher its price
  • - get a level up with more experience
  • - the player’s financial capacity depends on the level in the game