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Application for tourists with augmented reality

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One of the most popular mass media channels in Mari El republic was interested in AR technology in the game “Pokemon Go”. They decided to launch a mobile app which lets its users “catch” the tourist attractions of the hometown.


Create a tourist guide

Simplify trip planning

Attract more tourists


When a user turns on AR mode, they will see the direction to the nearest places of interest, there is also an opportunity to click on the object and read its description.

The augmented reality feature extends the user’s interaction with the surrounding environment, replaces paper maps, and helps to navigate in an unfamiliar city.

The digital guide of Mari El republic makes the process of planning trips easier and motivates people on visiting local places of interests.



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There is an opportunity to scale the project for other republics and cities of the country and create a menu with filters about other cities and regions.


I was glad that we managed to work in a team, and project manager of Citronium treated me with a deep understanding of my technical illiteracy. She found the way to explain all the technical moments in a clear and easy language. As a result we got the app that we wanted, according to our specification, made by Citronium, who collected the requirements from my words.

I definitely recommend Citronium for cooperation!

Galina Kostrometinova

the customer’s project manager



* AR works within
3 metres from the place of interest