website with recipes

A website with recipes, a kind of social network to view, edit and publish cooking content for both professional chefs and ordinary foodies.

When publishing recipes, especially popular authors can get paid for advertising integration.

Platform:: web

Technologies: NextJS (ReactJS), NestJS, TypeScript, AWS, Algolia, Clouddinary, PostgreSQ

Social networks, cooking

Country: UK

Customer info

Our customer in this project was Freddy May, who we've been working with for a long time. He adores cooking and developing software, and we don't know which he loves more. He is an experienced startupper who has launched several successful projects. He does a bit of coding himself, which makes the communication with him much easier.
By the time of this project, together with him we have already made a platform for programming classes. The platform was a success and was bought by investors for decent money.
Freddy specializes in launching large projects with foreign teams in several countries and he always recommends us.


The idea is based on a passion for the art of cooking. Food and nutrition are a basic need of mankind, and any enhancement there is in demand. And why not connect the two worlds, i.e. the eternal world of cooking and the modern world of social networks?!

The customer wanted to create and promote a social network for people who love cooking. The idea was to create a social network similar to a recipe book, where one could share culinary secrets, cooking techniques and tell about himself/herself and favorite things.

Another project task was to encourage people who contribute to the platform development and pay them money received for advertising.


MVP is
a master key!

The project started after 3 months.
The customer came with a hypothesis and we said: "Cool, let's do it!". We developed the MVP-version extremely fast, within 3 months. It was enough to convince investors who believed in the project and gave money. It took us more 3 months to develop the main functionality.
Summing up, we released a closed beta 3 months after the development started, and then 3 months later - open beta. EVerybody was satisfied with the result!
The idea also attracted famous chefs and bloggers: Anjula Devi, Nathan Outlaw, Turner and George, Jo Pratt. Now we are working hard at the main product. With each new feature, the customer and the investors have more confidence in the success. Win-win, as they say!



  • - сreate and view recipes, posts, collections of recipes
  • - manage ingredients, media files, recipe design themes

Project development:

  • - features for advertisers
  • - features for publishing houses
  • - selling the content from printed recipe books an unlimited number of times

Key Feature

The project has a stunning feature - automatic display of ingredients and portions in imperial and metric systems. If the author is from Europe and the reader is from the US, he just needs to switch the mode, or it will be switched automatically according to the account settings.