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Multifunctional web platform for management, financial control, project organizing and management. The system is based on PRINCE2 methodology, approved by the UK government as a standard for social project management.


Platform: Web

Technologies: ReactJS, C #, .Net Сore 2.1, MSSQL, AWS

Medicine, healthcare, project management, management

Field: Medicine, healthcare, project management, management

Country: UK



While working for medical and insurance companies, Claire Cassidy, the customer, was sick and tired of tons of Excel tables . There came the idea to create her own software for personnel management and financial reporting. Her clients are medical centers, insurance companies mainly from Britain and the Arab Emirates.


Claire came to Citroium with a ready-made system that didn’t work properly, to say the least. The system architecture didn’t cope with the tasks and often freeze up. The customer planned to update the design and tune the system. Also there was a request to speed up the data processing.
The customer’s obligatory requirement was that the system worked with previous data, i.e about 40 large databases. This was a difficult task because the data couldn’t be transferred due to architectural mismatches.


Citronium team analyzed the existing system and concluded that the tuning was not enough to solve 
the customer’s problem. It required a new solution, instead of "patching" and changing the interior of an outdated product. As for the previous databases, we suggested to pull information from the previous system 
to the new one.
We redesigned the product splitting features into in modules.

In fact, our development saved the customer's business. By the time the customer contacted Citronium the system was not working correctly, her clients started leaving, there was a risk to lose everybody. We made a new productive solution and the customer’s client base grew.


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Multifunctional web-platform helps manage the organization, solve many issues from procurement to financial performance analysis. The system helps plan the necessary customer flow, to draw up budget and so on. It is a kind of flexibly adjustable construction set.

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There are several roles for users. Ordinary users have rights to read and get tasks. The administrator can create, edit, add and delete tasks. The super administrator also can add and delete organizations and people from the system , set up rights, view statistics.


- - financial management (cost/income)

- saving documents in different formats, printing them right from the system

- resource planning and tracking

- google Calendar meeting planning

- time tracking

- task Assignment

- receiving notification

- creating a project idea, a so-called draft, for the team work

- making the project programme for a year in advance

- KPI setting and tracking

- changing tab names, their colours

- creating new fields, changing their names