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Министерство образования и науки Российской Федерации
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Sebastiano Orfeo,
Founder of the Mobisat company
Case Mobisat Find (Vodafone)

Freddy May,
Founder and President, Cookly Bookly
Case Cookly Bookly

Sarah Chang,
author of the unique methodology, Balancd application owner
Case Balancd Sarah Chang

Mark Fantage,
Owner, Red Brick company group
Case Best Rides

Case Prosto

Prosto Dmitry Provotorov Prosto Dmitry Provotorov

Dmitry Provotorov,

product manager, the customer representative

“Why did we choose Citronium? First of all, you were ready to develop using a modern technology stack - React Native, you had specialists in it. It was of high importance for us that you and your developers were open to being interviewed, and we had the opportunity to choose team members for the project. You provided us with everything so that we were able to make the decision in the shortest possible time.
What do I like about working with you? It is the management openness to communication: we were constantly in touch, we never felt information vacuum, we didn’t feel limitations to working hours. We have a global team and work from all over the world and at any time we kept in touch and promptly got your feedback.
How did the Citronium teamwork? We performed a code review, we watched the service at the start, we tested the chosen architecture, and everything went perfectly well.
The main KPI for us was a flawless launch. It was important for us that users should not face any technical problems at the start when due to the visitors’ inflow the servers might be overloaded or fall off, or services might not work. And everything went perfectly well. During the testing stage, we chose the right architecture, the right partners to place our software with, the right service to be responsible for sending texts, and we also used several services to be on the safe side. All was done quickly and as comfortably as possible.
And now, after the application launch, we enjoy your excellent support, prompt reaction and feel technically safe. We understand that we work with experts.
For us, the most important thing is the technical stability and functioning of the developed solution. From this point of view, you do a great job. And our main victory is that at the start, when we received thousands of registrations during the first few days, and thousands of users began to meditate with us, each of them received excellent service and did not face any problems. This is our greatest victory. I recommend Citronium to everybody.”

Case Seven Kids

Seven Kids Elena Rogacheva Seven Kids Elena Rogacheva

Elena Rogacheva,

M.A. (Manchester University, UK), founder of the Seven Kids network

“We started working with Citronium in spring of 2017. Our task was to create an online program for all devices. And the Citronium team coped with it in a truly professional way.
I would like to thank them very much. They dealt with the project in a really creative way: each time we received a lot of different variants of solving the task. Now we are ready to work with this company on a regular basis. Thank you for your professionalism!”

Case Wriggle

Wriggle Rob Hall Wriggle Rob Hall

Rob Hall,

CEO, Wriggle Gaintly Ltd.

“I’m highly satisfied with the cooperation with Citronium. They developed a high-quality cross-platform application. The team worked to deadlines, and they completed the project to schedule. They constantly kept me up to speed on the progress and gave me very good professional advice. No doubt, I’ll contact them in case I’ve got a new project idea.”

Case I’m here: Mari El

I’m here: Mari El Vladimir Petukhov I’m here: Mari El Vladimir Petukhov

Vladimir Petukhov,

Head of the IT Department, T. Evseev National Museum

“We chose the company "Citronium" to realise our idea because the guys create very interesting projects. We were impressed by their expertise in various fields, from culture, education and medicine to construction. Moreover, the budget was limited, but together we managed to find the best solution. We are very satisfied with the result.
The work on the project was also appreciated by the head of the region, Alexander Evstifeev, who became a user of the application "I am here: Mari El".
T.Evseev National Museum has prepared a project about our land "Mari Land: the Charm of Russia". It is a presentation album, the trilogy telling about the culture of the Mari people and the history of the Mari region.
We understood that the album couldn't be seen by every resident of Mari El. And we had a great desire to make it accessible for everyone: to admire the beauty of our picturesque republic, to learn interesting facts.
And then the idea to modernize this project and put it in your mobile phone came up. After all, everyone has gadgets today. Thanks to Citronium we managed to do it! We are going to continue our cooperation in the future.”

Case Mediaserver

Mediaserver Alexander Gordian Mediaserver Alexander Gordian

Alexander Gordian,

Line manager of CCTV monitoring and analytics, Kraftway company

“We thank Citronium for developing software for hardware video decoding. The company did their best in solving a non-standard task, performed great development, taking chances and responsibility in working with non-standard equipment and software with scarce documentation.”


LiveTyping Ekaterina Kostuchenko LiveTyping Ekaterina Kostuchenko

Ekaterina Kostuchenko,

Head of the LiveTyping partner program

“The Citronium company is a key partner of LiveTyping Ltd. in the field of web development and development of mobile applications. Since the start of our cooperation, Citronium has implemented several projects for our clients. The developed solutions and Citronium specialists’ work were highly appreciated. We got only positive impressions of our cooperation.”